Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spring at last

So I did the typical blog thing of saying I was back, and then disappearing for a few months. But not to worry, here's an update.

Spring in the UK was severely delayed, with unseasonably cold weather holding on into April. So a lot of sowing, planting, and flowering was held back, although it may end up having been of use - the weeds have been slower growing, and fruit trees may produce a better crop, if the summer is reasonable.

Here are a few photos from around the garden, taken a week ago (I'm away at present). Hints of life.

First, the tulips I planted back in January. I got ten pots done in the end, which was only half of the bulbs I had (I ran out of containers):

Perennial herbs are sprouting. I have a large lovage plant, which produces intensely savoury leaves for stews and sauces. I've never noticed before how pretty the emerging stems are, though:

And mint. I split a Moroccan mint plant into four last year. One pot went outside, where it was massacred by snails, and the other three thrived in the greenhouse, but ultimately died. So the outdoor one won, and will be split shortly so I can ensure a large enough crop this summer:

(There's also a lemon balm, which is doing well).

I have two cherry trees, entering their fourth spring. I'm hoping at last to get a crop from them this year, but flowering is two or three weeks late. The buds are still tight:

Sowing indoors has continued despite the weather. These broad beans are the best I've grown, strong and healthy, and ready to plant out (and there are some more purple-podded peas, lower left):

And my tomatoes. I didn't sow them until the start of the month - scandalously late, considering I started them in mid-February last year. But they should catch up by midsummer: