Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Arrivals

So, my oven arrived, along with a fancy tap and some kitchen cupboard doors. When they will be installed is another matter...

I also got another kitchen gadget recently that I only recently realised I coveted: a mandolin. This is essentially a very sharp blade attached to a board with a narrow gap, along which you slide vegetables and fruit to cut them into thin, even slices. This one is a Benriner, a Japanese brand I've seen recommended by a good many people, and comes with three attachments that make juliennes of various thicknesses.

Everyone I told said "watch your fingers", which of course I did. But inevitably, I've injured myself - I accept this as part of the danger of using sharp blades. It was pretty spectacular; I was slicing a lime, not using the finger guard which isn't much use for most things, and I sliced about a third of the way through my forefingertip. Ouch. In leaping back in great pain, I must've caught my middle finger, which is missing the very tip. I bleed quite freely anyway, and this was no exception - I had bandages and toilet paper wrapped around my fingers for hours, and indeed even now, a couple of days later, my wounds are still leaking (plasters don't last long when you wash up as much as I do). Sadly, I'm much more wary of the thing now - not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't want to go from blasé to timid.

On a more positive note, one of the greatest successes of the mandolin so far is my quite faithful rendition of this salad, which is probably the tastiest mixture of raw vegetables I've ever tasted.

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