Friday, 20 May 2011

Seeing results

The biggest news of the week - the first tomato flower has opened! This is 'Jaune Flammée'. In my defence, tomato flowers are hard to photograph.

The blue geranium that grows in my front garden. It's pretty, but huge and spreading, so I will dig it out. Still, I'll wait till it's finished flowering.

The peas have started flowering, almost behind my back. The first pod is an inch long - progressing fast!

A lot has been happening here recently. I've hosted my parents for a week, which has been much easier than I feared, and the main reason for their visit (my dad's application of electrical knowhow on to the new kitchen) has been fulfilled. More on that in the near future I hope...

The interior end of my greenhouse. On the left: the largest tomato plants in their final positions. To the centre and right: chilli seedlings, many more tomatoes, and a sole pumpkin, braving the grey weather.

Beans! French, runner, broad. Looking good now, especially the runners and French beans, which will need to be potted on soon.

Meanwhile, outdoors, things have continued to grow. May has been wet, blustery, grey and cool, but not cold (no frosts), which has led to the partial wrecking of the new greenhouse. It's probably retarded some of the warmer-climate crops, but the peas, broad beans, and spinach are thriving. We're on the cusp of summer now - peonies and roses are in bud, and tiny green strawberries and raspberries are swelling.

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Sally said...

Congratulations on the first tomato flower!
And all the other blossom look great as well - the pea flowers look very summery!
That's a very productive greenhouse!