Tuesday, 7 May 2013


When I returned from my week and a half away, things had changed. It felt like the time of year at last - everything had grown, the trees and shrubs were bursting into leaf, dandelions were blooming everywhere, insects filled the warm air.

Here is the essence of the season, the highlight of the current garden, and the biggest inspiration at the moment: my first tulips are in bloom. In fact, a single 'Purissima', a bag of which I bought for 30p two and a half years ago, planted in pots, enjoyed, dug up, stored, and replanted in haste last April, has returned - a single perfect cream bloom. But the ten pots I filled back in January have started to flower, so I thought I'd share:

This variety is 'Apricot Beauty', and what a beauty it is. Pale pinkish-peach, lightly streaked darker pink, perfectly formed and with a luminosity that looks good all day long, whatever the light and weather. They won't last long, but they are exquisite right now.

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