Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dark days, sunny days

A quick post. I've had a bad day today. Without going into details, I have suffered with depression for all my adult life, on and off. Today was a bad day. It was sunny, incredibly warm (for any time of year, let alone April), but I could face going in public - even being in my garden made me feel very uncomfortable. I did go out, but all I could manage was weeding. I wanted to go to the timber yard, and Wilkinson (for cement), but I couldn't. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

The last couple of days, however, I did get a lot done. If I'd managed to get cement (I bought the last Wilko's had, and they've not restocked since) and paint, I'd've done more, but as it was, I managed to level half the new greenhouse site, prepare the wall as much as I could, and erect the corner posts and one end wall frame. The polycarbonate sheeting arrived, so once I've finished the frame, I will be able to 'glaze' it in half a day. I am being good, and putting the whole frame up (minus the door), and painting it, before I put the 'glazing' on. I learned a lot last year, building my first greenhouse (a much more complicated project), and that, combined with using a mains-powered drill (not a battery one) and a staple gun (more on that in a future post), should cut the work down a lot.

Anyway, the weather is set to stay unseasonably warm (like, 10 degrees above average for the time of year) for the foreseeable future, so I will hopefully meet my goal of planting out my first tomatoes next Monday.


Sally said...

Ouch - that must knock you sideways. And somehow worse when the weather is at its brightest and most cheery. Making you feel even more out of step. The building work is impressive though!
I went on a wonderful DIY course for women, taught by the most patient,kind man and I wielded a drill and hammer with confidence after that - until one day - tired after putting up lots of pictures in the kitchen - I thought I should finish the task and put up the last couple even though I didn't feel like it - and put the nail through the mains water pipe -that took water up to the bathroom - comic in effect - but expensive and inconvenient to put right - so that was that. So I am all admiration for your abilities!

Scyrene said...

Thanks. It's a bit distracting - some days I get a lot done, some nothing, while I feel a garden needs consistency. I hope my seedlings can fend for themselves. Anyway, you've just described my worst DIY nightmare - accidentally drilling into a wired or pipe in a wall. I'm gonna get a detector for indoor work, but I'm still paranoid about it! The less I have to drill into walls, the better!