Friday, 3 June 2011

End of May harvest update

Plenty more to come!

A quickie. May was a poor month for weather, and only those crops that were already producing yielded much, until the very end. However, as a portent of things to come (I hope!), the very last day of the month was the most exciting, and I picked my first strawberries of the year! That's a good fortnight early, so the recent cooler weather can't have retarded things too much.

Totals for two weeks from 15th-31st May:
17th: 43g spinach
21st: 22g spinach
25th: 27g lettuce (a 'volunteer', or self-sown plant, from who knows where), 15g spinach
26th: 28g mint (applemint, to be precise)
31st: 29g strawberries (three whole fruits!)
Total for fortnight: 164g
Year to date total: 510g

From now on, I'll post weekly harvest updates, as the soft fruits, peas, and beans will push the weights up considerably. I've already picked as much in the past three days as in the previous two weeks, for example! My goal is to have 500g from the 1st to the 14th of June - I'm pretty confident about that.

More details on the garden (and photos!) coming soon.

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