Friday, 5 August 2011

An August day

A few photos I took today sum up the day so well, I decided to do a quick photo post:

Trusses of 'Jaune Flammée', some ready to pick, and to the left, 'Snowberry', still green.

Everything I picked today was orange or purple! Blackberries, purple French beans (the first of the year), edible flowers (nasturtium and Calendula), tomatoes ('Jaune Flammée' and 'Costoluto Fiorentino')

And where some of that produce ended up. Millet, served with tomatoes, mesclun, French beans, and edible flowers.

It was a pretty good day - what I hoped, but didn't dare expect of this time of year: picking homegrown fruit and vegetables at their peak, and eating them for dinner. The more I do it, the more I am inspired to try. The icing on the cake? I sold my first plant! I'd like to do this a lot more, supplementing my partial self-sufficiency with a moderate income from selling spare plants. Enough to cover my costs would be a good start!


Sally said...

I meant to say how beautiful the orange and purple harvest photo is. It has the look of an Old Master's still life.
I don't think I've seen a shot with Blackberries and tomato in before, yet they do turn up at the same time in the garden. And make for a very vibrant colour combination. I am seeing that as the September shot in your "homegrown" wall calendar for next year!
I did once make a blackberry mayo - to slather into a BLT with Carbon tomato - very messy, very purple, and a bit of a creation in its own right!

Scyrene said...

Yes, I remember the blackberry mayo - it ranks as the most unusual flavoured variety I've ever encountered! I was very lucky with the light and the colours of the produce in that photo, but thanks! I think orange is my favourite tomato colour of all, so far... :)