Sunday, 14 August 2011

August harvest: week two

My camera has problems focusing in less-than-perfect light. Still, you can see the range of colours in the three varieties of tomato I picked today. The red one on the left is the mutant bloom I mentioned two months ago.

Another light week. There a lot of variety, but not much substance. The tomatoes are delicious, at least, and everything is brightly coloured. I'm a little concerned by the continuing paucity of tomatoes and beans, but I'm comforted by thriving autumn crops, which are germinating all over the place.

Totals for week 8th-14th August:
8g French beans, 54g tomatoes (4x'Gardener's Delight': 21g; 2x 'Jaune Flammée': 33g; day total: 62g)
12th: 121g beetroot, 87g beet tops (day total: 208g)
14th: 4g French beans, 164g tomatoes (2x'Costoluto Fiorentino': 79g; 4x'Jaune Flammée': 66g; 3x'Snowberry': 19g), 537g shallots (day total: 705g)
Week total: 975g
Year to date total: 20.094kg

My informal goal this week was 20kg, but I knew it was unlikely. In fact, until I cleaned, trimmed, and weighed the shallots, I thought I'd missed it. It may seem convenient that I harvested them this week, but in fact they were as ready as they'd ever be - their leaves had mostly died back, although the bulbs were pretty small. Still, for an old recycling box of unimproved compost, it's not bad. Most of them have gone into a batch of marrow chutney I'm just making.

I suppose, to be realistic, I can't expect more than 500g this coming week, but we'll see.

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